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    Dreamweaver + UltraDev

    Web Kitchen - Matterform Media
    [A pantry full of powerful tools for professional Web chefs. Web Kitchen provides 17 professional objects, commands and inspectors to help you work smarter and faster.]

    Instantis SiteWand - Instantis
    [Rapidly power eBusiness applications with hosted database, workflow and personalized communications]

    PayPal Payment - Mike Ahern - Shore
    [Enable visitors to be able to submit PayPal payments through your website / online store]

    Computers NeoSession - IM Community
    [Instant Messaging community and Live Applications for any web site]

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    massimo news --------------------------------------

    26/05/2001 - PHP Language Redirect by Kenny
    Use this server behavior if you want add a page to select the language for your site.
    You can configure:
    Primary language for Microsoft Internet Explorer
    Primary language for Netscape
    URL for Microsoft Internet Explorer in your language
    URL for Netscape in your language
    URL for Microsoft Internet Explorer in generic language
    URL for Netscape in generic language
    URL for Opera
    Server Script Languages: PHP
    Server Model: PHP
    Operating System: Windows, Macintosh

    26/05/2001 - PHP Include 1.3
    A complete set of extensions to support the PHP include and require
    The suite is composed by the translator for the PHP include, an inspector and an object
    This new version is now compatible with the latest releases of the PHPAkt Server Model


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