Yaromat - Relaunch

  • Yaro hat seine Site relauncht !
    unter anderem stellt er uns auch 4 neue Extensions vor:

    There are 4 brand new extensions:
    * Auto Alt: The Automatic Alt command inserts default ALT-properties to
    all images of the currently opened document... IMPORTANT: This extensions will
    modify your native image object, you can tune the command under preferences so
    that it doesn't modify the new images. But in case you remove the extension,
    it will kick the image obejct from your disk. I'm not very lucky with it but
    haven't found a smart solution yet.

    Tip: make backups of your configuration folder
    (the subfolder where your Dreamweaver is).


    * Scrollomat: Another member of the "scroll a layer" family.
    The code has been taken from the old Yaromat home page. This
    tool makes it pretty easy to create scrolling regions, it clips the layer
    for the visible region, you can loop the scrolling. You can create endless
    scrolling tickers very easy:


    * Typewriter: The Typewriter behavior simulates a typwriting
    effect in a layer. You may define the textstyle using CSS:
    Just define new style - name it "Schreib" and add the text
    style you want to show in the typewriter layer.


    * Remove empty lines: This is a Query that can clean up your code:
    It will remove all empty lines from your document, site or folder.
    Access it from the Find and Replace floater, click on the disk
    icon and select "remove_double_lf"