flash deprotector und andere

  • ich weiss das dieser flash deprotector absolut nichts taugt
    habe jetzt was von einem as editor und einem swf browser
    gelesen kennt das jemand von euch oder kann mir sagen wo ich die sachen downloaden kann
    auch wenns mir keiner glaubt habe noch eine alte swf datei die
    ich gern noch mal bearbeiten wuerde brauche deshalb eine
    software die mir das swf ausliest

    gruesse marc

  • SWF Browser is a handy tool for anyone who uses Macromedia's Flash. It has an Explorer-like interface that lets you quickly browse the SWF files on your hard drive or network. It also gives you ways of browsing an SWF file's "guts." Finally, you can extract bitmaps, sounds, and movie clips from the file. Note that although SWF Browser can extract movie clips and unlock SWFs, Flash's support for importing SWFs is limited.


    Everybody that uses Flash and Flash ActionScript knows the scripting interface as provided by Macromedia is very functional when writing small and simple scripts. However, when your scripts become bigger and more complicated, it is easy to loose the overview when editing; operating the dropdownmenus and property boxes can become time consuming. FAST! will aide you in creating, editing, organizing and exchanging your ActionScripts easier & faster.


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