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Liebe Traumprojekt Benutzer,

wie Ihr sicherlich bemerkt habt, ist das Traumprojekt eine gewisse Zeit nicht erreichbar gewesen.
Der Hauptgrund dafür ist, dass es einen Betreiberwechsel gegeben hat.
Nähere Info´s dazu bekommt Ihr in einem separaten Thema.

Bitte gebt uns etwas Zeit den Wechsel reibungslos über die Bühne zu bringen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen Traumprojekt-Team
  • So, I am a designer and an animator when it comes to passion. I have had the chance to work with various big clients around the globe. Now days, my schedule is full and I have turn down several big opportunities at times. Then there are a lot of seasons and off seasons. I am satisfied with what I am and I do not want to be traumatize my life with the burden of starting a company. Imagine the horrors.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you. They know how to do it, and do it almost. Now I have narrowed down my search to one company on the internet, which goes by the name of logo glaze. They offer logo design services and video animation. (Half of my work) .They look amazing to me.

    I would start working with them or not. Time is money and I can not afford to lose it. I do not want to revise everything. I just want to know about it.

    I am not a business person.

    He city center.