QuarkXpress Passport v5.0 beta

  • QuarkXpress Passport v5.0 beta

    A nice preview of what the next version of Quark will look like.
    Some updated features including the ability to create or
    import XML documents. As you would expect this version
    is more web oriented.
    Some nice tweaks in the right click menu too. Like the ability to
    save a file by right clicking on it and choosing from the now
    enhanced pop-up menu. Plus a hundred other improvements.
    Still a bit buggy but not too bad.
    A number of new and updated Xtensions are included in
    this beta.

    more: http://www.quark.com/products/xpress/beta/

    Top 20 QuarkXPress Wish List Items:

    Tables - charts and graphs
    Export HTML
    Collect fonts when Collect for Output
    Multiple Undo’s
    Printing - Imposition - ie, Booklet like PageMaker
    Item Locking - Make items totally uneditable!
    Preflight - preview separations, check for CMYK and RGB colors before printing, etc.
    Pasteboard - make it larger
    Pictures/Colors - Transparent option
    Import Photoshop images - .psd format
    Import/Export - improve the ones we have, give us more filters!
    Spelling - IMPROVE IT
    Document - larger page size and different page sizes in one document
    Pictures - Shadow and 3D shadows pictures/text (give us what the plugs in are already doing)
    Typography - Story Editor
    Typography - Different width columns
    Typography - Improve H&J’s, better justification