SWF Scanner

  • SWF scanner has been released! Version 1.1

    Swf scanner's goal is to deliver a practical set of tools and features
    to allow easy mangement of .swf files and the images, sounds and action
    scripts embeded within them. All wrapped up into an attractive GUI
    (Graphical User Interface) which adds to the value of the utility. It's a
    must have utility for professional web developers and gives you the
    ability to quickly extract images and swap/exchange images within a .swf
    file without the need for the original .fla file or the macromedia FLASH
    editer.Along with images, you can also extract sounds from the .swf file
    and in future versions action scripts. This means fast, easy and effective
    image management of your .swf files. Have you ever lost or mistakenly
    deleted the .fla file? With SWF scanner you can extract your graphics
    and replace them to create a new movie with ease.