First time in one drawing package you have the power to combine vector, 2D, 3D and bitmap editing into totally new level, where one form seamlesly transforms into another. What you draw could be so realistic that you can create a scene which looks naturally 3D, yet easy created in 2D by using familiar vector tools.

  • außer derm Real-Draw, das unbestritten ein tolles tool ist...
    gibt es auf der gleichen Seite, unter Cammera Tools, ein´paar kostenlose programme zur Photobearbeitung...

    Digital Camera Enhancer
    This is one of our famous and most popular tools made for digital camera owners. It uses few custom made image processes to enhance and clean digital images. And the best is that it is free.

    How many times the weather was just right, grass was green and everything was shiny. You took a picture with your digital camera and the result was bad - grass was dark, almost black, details were hidden in the shadows....

    Professional portrait in 2 minutes? ClearSkinFX is the most advance automatic portrait retouching tool producing perfect smooth skin of your object, while preserving the crispness of the eyes, hair or background.

    HotPixels Eliminator
    You wanted to try a night shot with your new digital camera and the results were terrible...
    Learn about HotPixels, what they are and how to get them out of your image with this unique CCD noise reducing tool. It can also remove a blue noise chunks apparent on long exposures.

    BlackFrame NR
    Perfectly remove Hot Pixels with different subtraction method
    You need to take a "Balck Frame", a dark image with a lens cap on. Then use it with this amazing applet on your night shots.

    FilterSIM new
    Simulate the ussage of Kodak Wratten filters on your digital images. Warm or cool your scene. Learn when to use Color Correction filter, how to raise or lower a color temperature of the light... Great for education..

    B/Works a tool for creating old fashioned B/W images, Sepia or Duo-tone colored images.
    As a special bonus there is also included a procedure to enhance sky - to create the powerful dark dramatic sky.

    RGB Lights
    Another interesting and free program we made for digital camera owners. You can produce image with amazing colors with just the equipment you have at home! No needs for special color lights. Look at the image of Canon S100 on the top of this page. You can make your own professional looking images.